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The must have tech to get fit - What I use

20.07.21 01:03 AM Comment(s) By Andy Baryer - DIY Tech Guy

Years from now, I often wonder what we’ll say about the Covid pandemic. For me it was a turning point. Being stuck at home, away from family and friends was tough. I decided to hunker down, create good daily habits, and use that extra free time to learn a new skill. 

At first, I didn’t know what to learn. After stumbling on a video of Mike Tyson jumping rope, I decided that would be it. I got hooked. I watched YouTube videos, learned all the different moves, and practiced everyday. 

A year later, I filmed a before/after video showing the results of daily practice. My hope is to inspire others to learn to jump rope. It’s so fun and it can be done virtually anywhere.

Long story short, I got super fit during Covid. Being a tech guy, I also used some health and fitness tech to track my progress and keep me motivated. Here’s the tech I used to get fit:

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