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Survey by Zoho Highlights Canadian Business Growth in 2021 and Optimism for 2022

18.11.21 10:50 PM Comment(s) By Andy Baryer - DIY Tech Guy

Recent Investments In Digital Transformations Are Paving The Way For Canadian Companies Building Successful Hybrid Work Models 


Toronto - Nov. 16, 2021 -- as a majority of the respondents indicated they experienced year-over-year growth in 2021.

The survey - which queried 501 business owners across Canada - found that 72.5% of businesses had year-over-year growth in 2021 and even more said they had high hopes for the future, with 82.6 % stating they had o

“The pandemic has greatly accelerated digital transformation for many Canadian businesses, and they're seeing fantastic returns on their investments. The innovative technologies they are embracing have enabled them to manage a distributed workforce like never before, which sets these businesses up for a new future of work,” said Chandrashekar LSP,evangelist for Zoho in Canada.

Key Survey Findings:

  • 72.5% of Canadian businesses say their business is growing when compared to 2020, with the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) leading the pack at 77.6%, Montreal lagging behind at 66.7%, and Calgary coming in last at only 59.3%.
  • 82.6% of Canadian businesses are optimistic about the next 12 months, although that optimism is significantly less pronounced in Calgary with only 67.9% stating optimism for 2022.
  • 66.3% of businesses say they are at the intermediate to advanced level of fully digitizing/automating their businesses, indicating a strong acceleration in digital transformations.
  • Business apps are popular among Canadian businesses with 56.9% of respondents using 1-40 apps and another 7.6% using more than 40 apps.
  • 64.9% said low-code apps improve speed-to-market and another 62.2% plan to use a low-code tool to build more apps.
  • While 40% say they'll maintain a work-from-home or hybrid model in the future, 33.3% of respondents overall said they're unsure about where their employees will ultimately work. This is in stark contrast to Montreal, where 50% of those surveyed plan on having employees return to the office full-time.
  • Almost 1-in-5 people surveyed have relocated since the beginning of the pandemic.

"While some businesses struggled with the disruption of the pandemic, as we now see, a majority of

Link to report:

Report Methodology

Conducted in October 2021 by Zoho Survey, this study contacted 501 individuals across Canada. Participants of the study included a range of business leaders from manager roles to the C-level at small and large enterprises across a variety of industries.

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