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Zoho Survey shows Canadian SMBs optimistic about the future

19.05.22 07:11 PM Comment(s) By Andy Baryer - DIY Tech Guy

HandyAndy Media is built from Zoho apps so I'm interested to see other SMBs use Zoho. Here's their latest findings from a recent survey.  

Here's a link to the survey dashboard

A newly released survey by Zoho Corporation - the Zoho SMB Outlook Survey - reveals that Canadian small and medium-sized business leaders are optimistic about their company's prospects.


The survey - which queried 750 business people across Canada - found that 66.7% of respondents are optimistic about the next six months, with 74.2% of those surveyed forecasting upwards of 20-percent growth. This positive outlook stems, in part, from productivity, as more than three-quarters of respondents expressed satisfaction with their output.


"As Canadian SMBs emerge from the pandemic, business is good. The strong productivity experienced through flexible work options and collaborative technology bodes well for the future," says Chandrashekar LSP, Zoho Canada's evangelist. "The growth, planned for by business leaders and entrepreneurs, highlights resilience and flexibility as companies navigate staffing challenges and decide whether to maintain vaccine and mask mandates."


Key Survey Findings:




  • 77.7% of respondents are satisfied with productivity
    • 83.9% of Quebec's respondents are satisfied
    • 73.7% of Alberta's respondents are satisfied




  • 66.7% of businesses are moderately to very optimistic about the next 6 months
    • 14.8% very optimistic; 20.8% moderately optimistic; and 31.1% optimistic
    • 71.4% of Quebec's respondents are optimistic
    • 64% of Ontario's citizens are optimistic


  • 39.1% expect their business to grow by 1-10% during the next six months
    • 51.3% of Albertan respondents anticipate growth of 1-10%
    • 32.1% of respondents in Quebec anticipate growth of 1-10%


  • 22.5% expect their business to grow by 11-20% during the next six months
    • 26.8% of respondents in Quebec anticipate growth of 11-20%
    • 15.8% of Albertan respondents anticipate growth of 11-20%


  • 12.6% expect their business to grow by 20+% during the next six months
    • 15.8% of Albertan respondents anticipate growth of 20% or more
    • 14.3% of respondents in Quebec anticipate growth of 20% or more




  • 42.4% of businesses are hiring and 52.7% are neither hiring nor laying people off
    • Only 4.9% anticipate layoffs


  • 42.5% have struggled to retain employees


  • The majority of respondents have retained more flexible work options, with hybrid work accounting for 36.8% and at-home work accounting for 29.7%. Only 33.5% of respondents are working in-office.
    • 39.3% of Quebec's respondents have a hybrid workplace model and 21.4% work from home; 39.3% work in the office
    • However, 53.9% of Albertans work in the office, while 32.9% use a hybrid workplace and 13.2% work at home


Return To Workplace /Mask Mandates 


  • 64.5% of businesses have already returned to the office, while 13.6% are planning to return in the Fall

In Alberta, 81.6% of respondents have returned to the office while only 58% Quebec's respondents have gone back


  • 38.4% of all respondents will maintain a mask mandate
    • 41.4% in Ontario
    • 32.1% in Quebec
    • 17.1% in Alberta


  • 44.7% of all respondents won't maintain a mask mandate
    • 68.4% won't in Alberta
    • 41.1% won't in Ontario
    • 32.1% won't in Quebec


  • 46.3% of all respondents will require employees to be vaccinated
    • 48.2% in Quebec
    • 46.2% in Ontario
    • 34.2% in Alberta


IT Highlight


  • 76.1% of IT respondents are optimistic about the future of their business, positioning them as the most optimistic vertical


“The survey certainly reflects what we’re hearing from our clients. SMBs are feeling optimistic about the year ahead and are putting a greater focus on productivity through technology to ensure their success,” said Massimo Ianniruberto, Founder of Zoho channel partner, BluRoot Inc. “Clients are looking to further enhance their tools and bring other teams into the fold that were previously not a focused area of improvement. This is happening as a result of a changing workplace dynamic, and advances in cloud-based software solutions that are streamlining processes in areas such as HR, accounting and operations.”


Link to survey dashboard


Report Methodology

Conducted in March 2021 by Zoho Survey, this study contacted 750 individuals across Canada. Participants in the study included a range of business leaders, from manager roles to the C-level, at small and large enterprises across a variety of industries.


About Zoho

With 50+ apps in nearly every major business category, Zoho Corporation is one of the world's most prolific technology companies. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with international headquarters in Chennai, India, Zoho is profitable and privately held, with more than 10,000 employees. For more information, please visit:

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